Monday, June 15, 2015

My Mom My Role Model

Kutipan yang mengharu birukan untuk saya. It's real. I love you too my baby bunch.. my munchy cake.. heheheheh... Saya ibu yang hebat kata baby.. ;)

Tulisan ini sebetulnya sudah lama, baby suka mengirimi surat dengan membuat surat dan surat itu dibuatkanya menjadi amplop dengan lem yang sangat kuat sampe bukannya juga sobek-sobek. Lalu surat ini saya tulis di blog saya. :)

So very proud of you my dear baby bunny. Muach.. please check this out :)


Why my mom like to help to finish my home work at 6pm to 8pm? And Iwant to be like her.

My mom is so helpful and care about me.

My mom like from 5 o'clock until finish she like to make food for me to eat.

My mom like to help me to do exersice at the out of mya house or outdoor or outside.

My mom always wash my clothes if I'm writing daily journal and then after my mom wash the clothes my mom ironing my clothes to be tidy.

My mom like to tidy up when mom like to play with anything. Always tidy up and tidy up. And everything to be clean if she were handled.

I want to be like my mom, because she is beautiful. Inner beauty and she is pretty lady. And I love her very much.

I want be like her, because my mom is a caring and loving person. Take care of me when I am sick, her hug always make me warmth and comfortable.

She always make me laugh

She always made me a strong girl

My momma is the greatest woman in the world.


Generous like to share food and by food, friendly with me all the time.
Team work to tidy up and doing homework. Always kiss me when I am sad. Always play congklak with me. Always teach me how to draw and painting.
Sometimes angry because sometimes I don't do my homework.

Conclusion for me.

- The beliefs.
- Ican make everything better tomorrow.
- Always try don't be scare or risk taker.
- And never give up for everything I do.

I Love you Mom Ve,

Thank you Momma I Love You so much more than anything.

By. Elleana Baby Subakti


  1. Aaak so sweet kakak cantiik..semoga jadi anak cerdas dan sholehah ya aamiin :*

    1. aamiin.. Makasih tante doanya.. Makasih dah mampir ya mak ;)

  2. ananda putri tumbuh smart, manis dan sholehah ya mak...amin YRA :)

    1. Aamiin. Iya mak baby itu orangnya yang suka berexplore diluar rumah dan anaknya itu cuek banget supel dan disukai banyak org2. terkadang saya khawatir juga. heheheh.. Makasih tante doanyan tuk baby.. Makasih juga dah mampir ya mak.. ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Aww awwwww Yeye.. Kapan kita hunting naik commuter nih.. kemana kek.. atao kemana nek.. eaaa.... bhuehuehuehuhe.. thx dear dah mampir.. ;)